Language Stay

Language Stay

Visit and learn in a language's region - even for just a short time?

How Wonderful! There are many great benefits to learning a foreign language in its region. Since you are constantly confronted with the foreign language of the area, you can learn the language much easier and faster, even if you are only able to stay for two weeks. Your motivation and pleasure decisively shape your language stay.

As an additional service, the Albis Language School is happy to offer your advice about your options for studying abroad. Our school is an official agent for language stays offered by Castle’s, with their wide range of options (e.g. Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, etc.) As with our own courses, we value the quality of the courses offered abroad.

In general the participants come from diverse first languages, which ensures a more intense target language immersion.

Contact us for a complementary consultation – you are sure to find a suitable option from our catalogue! Don’t wait, call us now! We are pleased to help!

Boookings are made directly with our Partner: Castle’s