Spring-Summer Semester

from 1st February until Mid-July

Autumn-Winter Semester

from Mid-August until 31st January

Each semester lasts around 20 weeks


A1.1__Mo.&Do. 18:00
A1.2__Mo.&Do. 20:00
A2.1__Mo.&Do. 19:00


A2__Wednesday 19:45
A2/B1___Thursday 9:00
R&C__Wednesday 9:00
B1.1_____Tuesday 9:00
B1.1_Wednesday 18:00
B1.2___Thursday 18:00
B2_____Tuesday 18:00


A1.1___Giovedi 19:45
A1.2___Giovedi 18:00
B1.2__Mercoledi 18:00


A1.2___Martes 18:00
B1.1____Martes 9:00


A2___Mercredi 18:30


Course Conditions / General Terms & Conditions

Course fees exclude course materials, unless otherwise stated. It is possible to join our courses at any time. It is possible to join our courses at any time. Courses will be confirmed and invoiced in general 7-10 days before the course start. Courses will take place with 3-8 participants. In the event of too few participants, the lesson time will be reduced until the group minimum is reached again. We reserve the right to remove courses with too few participants from our course program. In this case the course fee will be refunded. Certificates of confirmation of attendance will be issued at the end of a semester, for a minimum of 70% attendance record.
Holidays: Holidays during the semester are the responsibility of the participants. The school follows the prescribed public holidays (Sonntage gleichgestellte Feiertage) of Canton Zürich and the Affoltern am Albis school seasonal holiday plan (Spring, Summer, Autumn & Christmas).
Course Fees: Course fees are to be paid before the course start, by bank transfer or by cash / card in person. The signature on the course register is binding for course renewal at a semester change. Should you withdraw from a course before the start of the semester (1st February or 15th August) or halfway through a semester (15th April or 1st November), a cancellation fee of CHF 100.- will be levied. The full course fees are non-refundable after the first lesson of the quarter.
Withdrawal from a course: The course fee cannot be refunded in the event of early termination by the participant. Absence from lessons cannot be made-up or refunded. With exception (e.g. extended illness with doctors note), participants that have been registered with us for more than 6 months, will be given a discount for the following 12 months.