Zürichstrasse 128

8910 Affoltern am Albis


1. Semester in Spring-Summer: 1. February to mid-July
2. Semester in Autumn-Winter: Mid-August to 31st January
Each semester lasts around 20 weeks

Upcoming Exam days

2nd Semester 2023 (Sign-up deadline)

  • Sa. 7/10 – telc Deutsch A1, A2 & C1
  • Sa. 4/11 (30/09/2023) – telc Deutsch B1, B2
  • Sa. 2/12 (31/10/2023) – telc Deutsch A2/B1

Teaching staff

Our team of well qualified teachers come from all over the world and represent a variety of cultures, enabling our participants to benefit from a learning environment rich in interesting and new perspectives. All our teachers hold higher qualifications with focused certification for teaching adults.

Team dinner 2016