1. Semester in Spring-Summer: 1st February to mid-July
2. Semester in Autumn-Winter: Mid-August to 31st January
Each semester lasts around 20 weeks

Upcoming Exam days

2. Semester 2022 (Deadline)

Sa. 3/09 (31/07) – telc Deutsch A2

Sa. 1/10 (31/08) – telc Deutsch A2 & B1

Sa. 5/11 (30/09)

Sa. 3/12 (31/10)

Teaching staff

Our team of well qualified teachers come from all over the world and represent a variety of cultures, enabling our participants to benefit from a learning environment rich in interesting and new perspectives. All our teachers hold higher qualifications with focused certification for teaching adults.

Team dinner 2016


The Albis Language School has implemented various safety measures to be able to offer a safe and pleasant learning environment.
We follow all current directives of the Swiss health department (BAG).